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Meet Max the Duck

Max is the high-flying, daring and adventurous mascot of Mallard Creek Elementary School. He was actually designed by one of our parents, Vincent Black, in January of 2009, when Vincent decided that the old mascot looked tired and pitiful. After watching his son play with some friends outside learning how to skateboard, he decided that we needed a new mascot that better fit the children, staff, and attitude of our school. After searching the web for other famous ducks (like Donald and Daffy) - he created the Max that we know and love today. He was named MAX - to represent our drive to meet our MAXIMUM POTENTIAL.

Some fun facts about Max:
  • His birthday: January 15th (the day he was drawn)
  • His favorite song: Shake Your Tailfeather (by the Cheetah Girls)
  • Favorite Food: Pizza (from Farleys on Friday nights!)