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Supply List-Kindergarten

Please label all supplies with your child’s name

6 Jumbo Elmer’s Glue Sticks   
1- 8pk. of large Crayola Crayons                     
2- 24 pk. of Crayola Crayons   
2 plastic folders (1 blue & 1 yellow)
1- 8pk. Crayola Color Markers (BOYS ONLY)
1 pack Crayola Colored Pencils (GIRLS ONLY)
1 box of big Expo Markers (BOYS ONLY)
1 box of skinny Expo Markers (GIRLS ONLY)
1 Composition Notebook (for math journal)
1 Mead Composition Notebook (for homework journal)
1 grade 1 writing tablet (for ABC writing journal)
1 pack of computer paper (BOYS ONLY –WHITE)
1 pack of computer paper (GIRLS ONLY –COLOR/VARIETY)
2 Clorox Wipes
2 packs of baby wipes
3 boxes of tissue
1 box of gallon bags (BOYS ONLY)
1 box of quart bags (GIRLS ONLY)
1 bottles of hand sanitizer (BOYS ONLY) 1 bottle of hand soap (GIRLS ONLY)
1 pair of blunt cut scissors
1 box of band-aids
Rest towel labeled with your child’s name
Standard backpack (no wheels)
**Mrs. Stilwell, Ms. Wellman, Mrs. McCray,  Mrs. Wilson, and Ms. Ferguson’s classes will need $5 for Time for Kids (social studies supplement). **